Sunday, 4 March 2018

Soul Soothing in Kooky Times

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The last few years, life has been a roller coaster, and not just for me it seems, its seems everyone I talk to  is going through highs and lows in a more accelerated fashion than usual. The yin the yang, the bad the good, the happy the sad, the love the fear...sometimes this world of duality we are living in is outright exhausting and a tad overwhelming!

So when our world begins to cave in and your mind can not fit anything else to think about, where can we go to find relief, where can we go to find peace?  Where is the consistent source of love we crave?  In this enlightened age, we are beginning to understand that true peace lies within,yet there are days where it seems out of reach.

For thousands of years, some African tribal cultures have employed their local Shaman to get answers when they were feeling unbalanced, unwell or confused.

These are the questions the Shaman asks;
  1. When was the last time you danced?
  2. When was the last time you sang?
  3. When was the last time you told a story?
  4. When was the last time you sat in stillness?
Today I asked myself these questions.

Mmm, the last time I danced... I danced around the kitchen when I found out I didn't have to cook dinner last week.
The last time I sang? Yesterday, in the car with no one around, thank goodness! I sang along to 'don't go breaking my heart'
The last time I told a story was the other night when I told my son I didn't eat his chocolates, but I did.
The last time I sat in stillness was last week, sitting in a traffic jam, I had no choice.

Without doubt, I have some work to do!!

I like the Shaman's advice. There is a sweet simplicity in wisdom that rings true. Navigating our path in life is sometimes complex so its easy to assume the answers we seek must be complicated.

The longer I am alive, the more I see the opposite is true. Often the answers I seek are right in front of me but I can't see it because I over think things.

So I will listen to the Shaman. I will try to dance like no ones watching, sing loudly and often, tell stories from the heart and slow down and smell the roses.

Have a wonderful March! 

Below are some of your questions answered.
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A house has come up for sale and my mum has left me enough money to consider making an offer. This is big decision and I wish my mum was here to ask what to do. If Spirit has any plans for us or is this something I could be guided by own thoughts and feelings. Nicky

Dear Nicky, as I tune in I sense your mother in Spirit bringing in a huge smile and a feeling of pride. She sends so much love and is so happy she was able to help. She knows how much you have struggled and is so relieved you now have the opportunity to buy your own home. Trust your gut feelings as she will be with you every step of the way. I do see you living somewhere with a strong nature aspect but not too isolated. I feel the one you have your eye on has a good energy and Spirit is encouraging you to look into in further. Also, I do see you seeking advice from a professional, how to proceed. Perhaps talk to a broker to get their advice, I feel this will take a lot of pressure off you. I hope this helps!

Recently I've connected with a younger guy and the chemistry is intense, but my instincts tell me to stay away. And every time I call on spirit for clarity I hear the words 'stay away'. So my question to you is, do I trust my instincts or the intense feeling of attraction? 
Ms M


Dear Ms M

I sense a beautiful group of loving spirits around you that want to acknowledge how hard you work and how much energy you give out to others.  You are coming into an era in your life that is more about yourself and your needs. I feel this guy has appeared to show you that you are desirable and attractive and that it is okay to experience some passion in your life. However, I feel the reason you get the words 'stay away' is because this is not meant to be a long term relationship, rather a short burst of fun and self confidence. This guy is not ready for commitment but this connection has shifted something in you that will attract a new era of romance. Enjoy!


 I  was wondering if there is any opportunity that I will own my own house in the near future? Kelly


Dear Kelly,

I sense a gentleman around you in Spirit, perhaps a father figure who is helping you achieve the goal of owning a house. He said it has been a bit of a roller coaster ride, sometimes seeming like the goal is in reach and other times feeling like its never going to happen.  This year is the year to put out clear and strong intentions coupled with practical action to really make this happen. I feel that Spirit will impress feelings of determination upon you as a way of helping. Get clear what you want and go for it and doors will open.  I do sense it will be this year.


My lease has abruptly been terminated. I have been living here for 4 years in a studio room with my son and two dogs.
 I have kept a brave face for my son who is doing his Last year at high school. I think I will go to a camping ground to live in a tent for three years and save for a tiny house. My son leaves for uni next year so it will be me and my dogs... I really want to stay in the town I am in.  I have a job and love the location.
What do you see happening?
Ms C

Dear Ms C
I understand how vulnerable you must feel and although in one way you are a victim of the (non) affordable housing problem in this area, this is also an opportunity to create an even better situation and space for you and your little family. I feel this is intervention from the divine to propel you into something better. Certainly  it is a leap of faith and trust but I sense there are many around you in Spirit supporting you.  I am shown an elderly man, like a grandfather figure wanting to assure you that in the next few months you will find yourself in a bigger space that is affordable in a location that suits. I had a flash of something that reminded me of a warehouse made cosy. Perhaps not far from where you live now. Be positive, have faith and allow yourself to receive. This is a positive change!


Sunday, 4 February 2018

The Age of Aquarius

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It feels to me like we are on the eve of change, and I am not referring to our personal events in our lives, but as a collective consciousness on our planet. 

Yes there are bomb threats, terrorists, nuclear weapons, mental health catastrophes and absolutely crazy world leaders with far too much power, but even that is not what I am trying to articulate as I write this.

It's a sense and a feeling that we are shifting our inner selves on profound and deep levels like never before. As the world becomes more dark and hideous in some ways, the light competes and accelerates its gifts of connection to our deeper selves and each other. 

I sense that if we can shift our focus at this time to the light and not the dark, we will have immense impacts on not only our own lives but it will activate a domino, ripple effect and echo out to ricochet the dark spots.

The powerful conditioning of limitation that the media, our upbringings, our schools and religions have brainwashed us with, feels like it is loosening and dissolving more than ever and there is such an opportunity right here, right now to step into our authentic selves and simply be and live from our light within, in a bigger way than before.

In my first book I wrote 'For the Love of Spirit A Medium Memoir,' (link below)
I talk about being an eight year old in the late 60's and the feeling in the air, and this era right here and now, feels similar.

  Here is an excerpt;

'One fond memory is of Carmen and me dancing to the song 'The Age of Aquarius' while writing in the air with incense. As I waved around the black sticks, creating patterns with the swirling streams of scented smoke, a type of
euphoria embraced my higher senses. The caged light inside me that was often filtered through a narrow passage of expected behaviour was beginning to awaken. It was the late 1960's. and there was a sense of magic in the air. The world was on a roll. There were horrific things happening, such as the Vietnam War. Yet, running parallel was a new consciousness: a new wave of thinking was being born. Although we as children were blissfully unaware, the music and the mood of the planet were prevalent and the younger generation were strong and demanding. Like the process of osmosis, we were taking it all in.'

 In a powerful book by Anita Moorjani, 'Dying to be Me', (link below) which is an account of her amazing near death experience, Anita says when she was clinically dead she felt that whether she lived or she died, she knew without doubt that everything was going to be absolutely fine and fear became irrelevant and non existent. When fear can be irrelevant while we alive, the power of trust and love can take its place creating infinite possibilities.

Through choosing to become more aware is a simple step we can take now. With Saturn in the sign of Capricorn until 2020, we will not have the luxury of resting on our laurels or keeping our head in the sand. Now is a time to dig deep, look clearly at ourselves and see the good, the bad and ugly, allowing our inner beauty to shine regardless, love all of ourselves and see where we can learn and grow.

If we can expand our inner wings through coming from a place of love rather than fear in our day to day lives, there is a wind current in the cosmos, that will lift you higher than ever before.  

Below are some of your questions answered.
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I publish my Blog on the first Monday of each month.

Will I have children of my own?
As I tune in for you Maddie I  am surrounded by three of your guardian angels bringing you much comfort and calming energy, they impress upon me that there is plenty of time ahead for a family and this will happen at the perfect time. So yes, I do see you with children and you will be a great mother. They are a little elusive with the details, but sometimes we are not meant to know what lies ahead. Enjoy life, everything is working out exactly to plan.

I'm in a challenging emotional moment,bringing me back in the sense of past abandonment and every time I meet a guy I really like I'm worry he disappears, and soon or later it really happens.
I do have an attachment feeling to them.
It's not good for me, it's not matching with my independent personality,and even if i don't need it, i have to cope this every time,since my younger age.
I feel I can't be able to be in a relationship with a man at all as this drain my energy before even to start a relationship with them,when I don't hear from them for a while now I just want to give up, close any contact with them even if I know it's me and they might be in a emotional challenge too.
How can i make that feeling of abandonment go away and don't be scared of love?
There is a guy nearby me at the moment and I'm wondering what angels say about him too. Ely
As I read your question my first impression is that the men in your life so far have been there as a catalyst for healing inner wounds. Its wonderful that you are so aware of your feelings and I can sense your soul driving you to create breakthrough and peace with your internal conflict about creating emotional intimacy with someone special.  I sense many around you in Spirit but particularly a kind lady who feels as though she was very spiritual. Her words are something like..'look in the mirror and see love, do this often and others will see the light in you and love you also. As long as you are projecting that you are not good enough, that is the reaction you will get from others.' I sense the answer is to forget about the men and focus on loving you, and then the men will not be able to resist you. I would like to recommend a book I feel may help its called 'Living an Exceptional Life' by Louise Hay and Cheryl Richardson  
This book really helped me to love myself more. Remember also, the law of attraction. When we focus on lack, of anything, that is what we attract. Trust your intuition in terms of seeking out support and healing. 
As far as the man around you at the moment, I feel he has been sent as a catalyst for you to go deeper in yourself and I do feel a nice friendship forming that may lead to romance. Sometimes we are not meant to know outcomes and also free will can shift results so relax, enjoy and love you!
 Can spirit see me in my own home soon and if they have a preferred house number I need to be in even or odd? Aprille
I do see a house for you that you instantly fall in love with, it seems small but cosy and has a lovely nature element. I get a gentleman in Spirit around you, perhaps a father figure, helping you. He says focus on how you feel when you find the right home and ignore the number, you will be living in the number vibration that you are meant to be in. The next few months will see positive results around this situation. Give thanks in advance for the blessings of your new home.

Sunday, 31 December 2017

2018 is here! To Plan or not to Plan?


Each year usually begins with such enthusiasm, hope and excitement. Its human nature to be excited about the new and I find myself wondering, how much should I plan ahead to maximize my time this year.

When I was younger, I rarely planned anything a day ahead let alone a year ahead. I feared that the fun and spontaneity would disappear out of life if I approached life with my diary in hand.

Fast forward years later, diary is often in hand as I find that if I don't plan, things simply don't eventuate.

I was asking myself the question this week, where is the balance point between planning and be spontaneous?  If we approach life like a complete control freak, it can lower our energy and be plain boring. It can limit room for serendipity and moments of wonder.

Then on the other hand if we make no plans at all we can feel like we are floating in an unsure sea of confusion as what step to take next.

Perhaps if we marry our intuition with our logic, and make peace with both.  Maybe they can walk side by side.

 Perhaps if we plan some practical steps along with tuning in with what feels right along the way, and find courage to change direction if it doesn't feel good.

Although I have made some concrete plans for 2018, I want my Spirit to guide me. I want to be a recipient of magic moments and be open to experiencing better outcomes than I can foresee.

Saturn recently made its way into Capricorn and will stay there for the next two years. This placement  is suggestive of getting 'real' and walking our talk, check out this article to find out more

Its also a 11/2 year astrologically which is about balance between the light and dark and finding harmony in our interactions on global and personal levels, for more information, check out this article

So wherever you are in your journey through life, I wish you a year of forward movement, of feeling like you are alive and thriving, regardless of what challenges you are faced with and always remember that Spirit has your back and are there for you the moment you ask!


Below are some of your questions answered.
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I publish my Blog on the first Monday of each month.

 Do you see a move in residence for me within the next few months?

When I tune in I see several angels around you helping you with this situation. They show me that at the present moment there is some uncertainty or confusion about where to go and how to do it. They suggest to firstly get clear within yourself what sort of situation you would like to manifest that is realistic and achievable. Ask yourself what are your needs and what is the best way forward and the angels will help you access your inner guidance and wisdom. It is a time to take control and not let the wind blow you, so to speak, be strong and know you deserve to have your needs met. I sense that there is a breakthrough with moving around late January/early February.
 I feel a bit stuck after having anemia, not enjoying my job, family issues... I want to know how to get my positivity back and feel excited again about life? How to make change as it feels to hard to make a start which usually I find easy?


My heart goes out to you as I read your letter, and I am reminded how life throws us curve balls at times. However, I also know that the curve balls are our greatest teachers and that feeling stuck is an opportunity and a clear message from Spirit that it's time for change because we have outgrown our current circumstances. My advice is to take baby steps, change one thing in your life by replacing it with something that brings you joy, be patient and ask your angels and guides for clear guidance. I see a kind gentleman in Spirit who is already assisting you, he feels like a father figure, perhaps on your mothers side of the family. He says you have a huge heart and you give out a lot, its time to reel in some of that love for yourself and place yourself on your priority list, He shows me you walking in nature and breathing deeply, deep insights are coming to you, and you are regrouping from the inside out. He showed me daisies which represent simplicity, have faith, breakthroughs are coming.

On the work front will I achieve what I was not able to in 2017

As I tune in for you I sense Goddess Diana around you radiating strength towards you. She impresses upon me that this difficult situation has helped you to stand up for yourself and create more clarity within you about what you want in your career. I do feel that this situation is done, that you have learned whatever is was you had to learn from it and that change is imminent. Sometimes when we get to the end of our tether, is when breakthrough happens because we are giving it over to source and the universe. Keep asking for help and guidance and have faith that change for the better is a certainty, I hear March being called out, sending you much love and blessings !

Sunday, 3 December 2017

Falling in Love with Now


Welcome to my last blog for 2017!

Recently, I came across an audio on the internet of Esther Hicks (who channels the collective energy of Abraham

It was a talk about being in love with the now and the positive effect it can have on our lives.

Although not a new concept, it struck a chord in me.

Personally, I find I need consistent inspiration to remind me of the truth that I already know.

The theme of the talk was about how many of us often say to ourselves and those who will listen, I need this, I don't have that, when will I get the money, the love, the job etc?  How many of us get caught up in what we lack rather than what we have? We all do, sometimes, but isn't it great we have the power to shift our perspective when we get a wake up call or are reminded to focus on what we do have.

According to Abraham, when we fall in love with now, it creates a whole new vibration in our personal energy field that then echos out into the universe. We can then be delightfully surprised in the creative ways that the universe will respond. Most likely in wonderful ways we never contemplated.

So what is being in love with the now?  Perhaps it is seeing the good traits in ourselves and others, noticing when a beautiful bird is nearby, acknowledging a new day with thanks and being grateful for simple things like running water and food on the table. Perhaps even when we don't feel happy, we can be glad that we have the capacity to feel and process a myriad of emotions.

We don't celebrate Thanksgiving here in Australia, but sometimes I think we should.  A day to be grateful is a reminder to focus on what we have and not what we don't have and whatever we focus on we attract more of.

And at the end of our lives, I believe that these are the moments that will matter.

As 2017 draws to a close, rather than be happy that the crazy, kooky year it was is over, I also want to be thankful for all the special moments I experienced.

Sending you all great love and hoping you can fall in love with your now, even for a moment here and there.

See you in 2018!


Below are some of your questions answered.
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I publish my Blog on the first Monday of each month.

Can I please ask about my work, any employment changes early 2018 and also if there are any messages from my dog Benny who is an angel now?
Miss F 

Dear Miss F,

I sense an older gentleman around you in Spirit who I feel is going back a generation or two, he is connected to the name Jim perhaps. He shows me the end of January and I feel something is moving for you around then in terms of change of job or information coming to you that you need to make decisions. He senses your excitement and says to tell you to hang in there, change is on its way. I feel he has Benny with him who now has much energy and is jumping around in a field of daisies. Big hugs from all in Spirit who love you dearly. 

I'm just wondering if I will ever have another baby (I'd love one more child!). I have 2 sons aged 5 & 14. I'd so love to have a third!

Dear Belinda,

I sense a team of three beautiful guardian angels around you and I get that one of them is called Stella (I know that sounds a bit odd but had to mention it anyway, sometimes angel names can be quite plain, not necessarily exotic) 
They said you are a happy mother and a gift to your children. There is an opportunity in the next year or two to have another but it will be your choice to go forward. I feel the angels message is not to worry about the future as there is a perfect plan for you and your family that will unfold sooner rather than later. 


After a very happy whirlwind beginning, my relationship came to an abrupt stop. Do you see it continuing? What really happened?” Signed, sad. 

Dear Sad, 

I am so sorry you are feeling down and send love and healing to you. I sense a female elder Spirit Guide around you whispering the words 'It was not meant to be' which I know may not bring much comfort to you at this time but I also sensed it as she spoke the words.  I can't help but feel you were being protected in some way and that perhaps there was important information regarding this person that you were not aware of.  I doubt that it will continue but if you have the opportunity to do so, I would proceed with caution.  There is someone else for you who is an absolutely perfect match for you, they may be involved in some sort of healing area in their profession or lifestyle. This is not far away and Spirits suggestion is to be kind to yourself at this time and prepare for the new. You are stronger than you realise.


Sunday, 5 November 2017

When Less is More

The last few weeks my focus has been on moving house. I have watched the house I have been occupying for the last eighteen months become more bare each day as I transport 'stuff' to the next residence.

I like the bareness...I like that there are five coffee mugs in the cupboard rather than fifty, I like that when I open the linen cupboard I am not attacked by cascading sheets and towels, I like that the food in the pantry is basic and simple.

I began to think how easy it is to complicate things, to believe that we need this or we need that or otherwise our lives are crap. I started thinking of smiling underprivileged children who have very little materially, but appear to be on a wave of bliss.
Happy young poor lower caste Indian street children smiling and laughing. Andhra Pradesh, India

Perhaps the problem is not in the items themselves, but the burden of responsibility that time consuming 'things' can bring.

When I relocated as a single mum from Melbourne to Byron Bay in 1996, the moving truck got delayed for two weeks.  When I first heard about the delay I went into meltdown. How can I survive for 2 weeks without my furniture? I thought as I panicked.

A friend organized a mattress, kettle, toaster and some basic crockery.  It was one of the best two weeks of my life. My then 3 year old son and I swam every day in the ocean. We made a billion sand castles and ate super simply. I remember the day the removal truck arrived I wanted to tell them to take it all back. As each item entered the house I felt a sense of burden and responsibility returning, this is 'real life' I thought.

So obviously it is not the 'things' but perhaps its the feelings we associate with 'having.'  We are regularly subliminally bombarded with messages telling us that we must have the right car, right job and even non material things like the right relationship else we are a failure.

In moments of simplicity and gratitude it is clear to me that less can be more and that having more may not necessarily be what I need. Perhaps this concept can apply to all areas of our lives. Extracting the essence of what is good in a sea of plenty is maybe what out soul craves.

For many of us, I know this realization is nothing new, but its always good to be reminded and to reset our lives where we have become too comfortable.

Having less is an opportunity to create more space and time for things that matter in our lives, spending time with those we love, inner peace and joy.


 Below are some of your questions answered.
 If you would like to ask a question email me at
I publish my Blog on the first Monday of each month.
Your Questions Answered

What does my love life have in store for the upcoming future? 

When I tune in for you Maddison, I get such a wave of love from an elderly woman in Spirit who has passed over who indicates she is on your mothers side of the family. She said you have a beautiful heart and are very capable of achieving whatever you put your mind too. As far as love goes, she said the trick is not to watch the kettle, but to focus on other things and before you know it the kettle will  boil. I think she is trying to say to not worry about focusing on love too much and it will work out just fine in perfect time. In the meantime occupy your attention on things that bring you joy and happiness. There is definitely a serious commitment like a marriage ahead of you and eventually all will work out well in areas of love. 


Can you see my relationship finally over and has he met someone else? 

Miss R
 When I tune in for you I feel the arms of angels around you comforting you and saying that they know how much you love this man on a soul level but at this time it is causing you more grief and heartache than anything else. Its time to let him go energetically regardless of physical outcomes. At this point, even if he walked in now and you gave it another go, it would just come back to the same heartache and life is too precious to waste on being unhappy. 

I know you asked whether he is seeing someone else but when I tune in to that question, I just get a blank, so I am sorry I can not tell you the answer. Sometimes I think we are not meant to know everything and in a way, tuning in on someones personal life is an invasion of privacy which is perhaps why I don't get anything there. However, do not feel bad for asking, I understand your curiousity totally! I've been there!

Do whatever you have to do to get your power back and feel whole again. You can do this, I know you can. If you need healing support, reach out to friends, family or healers. Ask your angels to guide you to the healing that you need. I actually get that your GP may be able to help in some way.  Take all the energy you are giving this situation and use it to help and heal yourself. You deserve the best !

Sunday, 1 October 2017

Memories through time

Image by Holistic Sutra

I find past life therapy fascinating. Over the years, I have experienced past life regressions and also regressed others successfully although some people don't experience anything initially. Sometimes it is like getting a massage the first time, the memories have to loosen up.

I have also found when giving Reiki Healing to others that past lives have been revealed to the client and myself, sometimes simultaneously.

Past life regression can be a potent healing tool. Is fantasy or reality? Who knows for sure, there is so little we know about the subconscious mind but if its healing and beneficial, I'm all for it.

A powerful experience I had in one of my own regressions was when I found myself a young man with tan coloured skin, on a beautiful blue ocean near a tropical island rowing a simple fishing boat.

I was acutely aware that it was my responsibility to get enough fish to feed the community waiting for food on the beach. I knew if I failed, the people would be hungry and I would be blamed.  I felt a panic rise within me and for some reason I returned empty handed, I had to pay the price with my life, I was knocked out and drowned by an angry crowd.

This explained my fear of the ocean in this life. (although I actually do enjoy eating fresh fish!)  It also helped me understand my innate sense of feeling responsible for others.

An excerpt from 'Principles of Past Life Therapy' by Judy Hall below gives another perspective;

'A woman regressed to being a much loved only child. A real 'Daddy's girl'. She was given a pony for her birthday and was ecstatically happy. She leapt onto the pony, which bolted. She was thrown and killed. Asked what connection this had with her present life, she replied that when ever she was happy she would start to worry. There was always a vague sense of dread. She associated being happy with fear and loss. Being killed in a moment of supreme happiness in that other life made sense of her fear' 

Past life therapy can heal phobias, physical complaints, relationship issues, emotional blocks, fears and insecurities and is particularly useful when all other options to heal these things have been exhausted. There are countless stories of physical injuries that happened in a past life, presenting themselves as a problem in this life.

For example, perhaps you were shot in the shoulder in a past life and this life you have chronic shoulder pain for no obvious reason and it won't heal. After revealing in a past life regression that you were shot, the pain disappears in this life.

A lady I regressed years ago was passionate about natural therapies and had recently attained her qualifications to practice naturopathy.  However, she found that she was incredibly fearful of marketing her business.  The regression revealed she had been hung after being accused of being a witch in the past.  She saw herself picking herbs in a forest and curing people in need. She then saw herself being dragged away by an angry crowd to the gallows. She even had a birth mark on her neck. It is believed by some that birthmarks are scars from past lives. After the regression she lost the fear and went forward with her healing practice.

So it appears somehow these memories are stored in our subconscious or perhaps our cells and can shape our present experience. Once revisited, a release effect occurs, allowing one to move forward.

Much research has been done on past life therapy with some uncanny results and I encourage you to explore it if it interests you. Listed below are some recommended reading and audios.

Temple Byron

I am excited that I will be running a Past Life Soul Healing Workshop at Temple Byron on Sunday 29th October. For more information email me at or go to my facebook page lizwintermedium where there is an event link.

I also created a short you tube clip about the day here

Recommended Reading and CD’s for past life work
Denise Linn
Journey into Past Lives CD, Past Lives and Beyond CD
Past lives, Present Miracles (book) 
Carol Bowman
Children's Past Lives
Gina Cerminara

Many Mansions: The Edgar Cayce Story on Reincarnation

Many Lives, Many Loves
World Within
Gloria Chadwick
Discovering Your Past Lives
Barbara Hand Clow
Eye of the Centaur: A Visionary Guide into Past Lives
Jenny Cockell
Across Time and Death: A Mother's Search for Her Past Life Children
Sylvia Cranston and Carey Williams
Reincarnation: A New Horizon in Science, Religion, and Society
Edith Fiore
You Have Been Here Before: A Psychologist Looks at Past Lives
Yonassan Gershom
Beyond the Ashes: Cases of Reincarnation from the Holocaust
Bill Guggenheim and Judy Guggenheim
Hello From Heaven!
Bruce and Andrea Leininger
Soul Survivor: The Reincarnation of a World War II Fighter Pilot
Raymond A. Moody, Jr.

Life After Life

Reunions: Visionary Encounters with Departed Loved Ones

The Light Beyond

The Last Laugh
Melvin Morse and Paul Perry

Closer to the Light: Learning from the Near-Death Experiences Of Children

Transformed by the Light: The Powerful Effect of Near-Death Experiences on People's Lives
Marge Rieder
Mission to Millboro
Jess Stearn
Edgar Cayce: The Sleeping Prophet
Ian Stevenson
Twenty Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation
Brian L. Weiss

Many Lives, Many Masters

Through Time into Healing

Only Love Is Real

Messages From the Masters

Same Soul, Many Bodies, Mirrors of Time


 Below are some of your questions answered. If you would like to ask a question email me at
I publish my Blog on the first Monday of each month.    


I wanted to ask about my current situation with two guys in my life, I need some guidance from the universe on what is going on in my life?

Miss S


It seems abundance is yours! Seriously though, I feel a grandmother energy around you helping you with this and impressing patience upon you. She indicates you will know in time which one is more suitable to get closer to. She is saying to enjoy this time and don't be in a hurry to commit to anyone quite yet.  You need more time to get to know these guys and remember everything happens for a reason, its just that sometimes we have to wait to see what those reasons are. I feel that one of these guys is travelling somewhere soon and around that time it will become clear to you what is happening in your own life.


My father passed suddenly a few months ago and my family and I are still in shock. Is he okay?  



I sense your Dad around you in Spirit who shows me himself with his hand on his heart so I am assuming he may have passed from a heart problem. He loves you so much and brings pink roses to give you, he says it is someones birthday. He also mentions the name Alan and tells you there is good news around your work towards the end of the year. He understands your grief and regrets he had to leave without saying goodbye but is close around you holding your hand. He sends his love to the rest of the family.